#Fit Friday

Of course its hard!  It is supposed to be hard!  And if it isn’t, well then, WHY do it?  There will not be ANY payoff unless it is HARD.  And that is the REWARDING part: knowing that you did it anyway!! Congratulations for doing it even though IT IS HARD:)  

#Word Wednesday

  orenda /ɒˈrɛndə/ noun 1.invisible magic power believed by the Iroquois to pervade all natural objects as a spiritual energy. Powered by Oxford Dictionaries I like that one!  I am not EXACTLY sure how to use it in a sentence, so if you come see me on Wednesday- give it a shot 🙂


Cattywampus. It is a word I sometimes use when showing x-rays 🙂 REALLY!  To describe how someone’s bones are all out whack and not lined up properly..   According to https://expresswriters.com/34-craziest-words-english/ It is a term that you will find in the Midland and Southern United States. It is refers to something that is in disarray, that is …


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