2019 Word of the Year

Stay on Track!!
What is your Word of the Year?

Each of the last couple of years we set goals as an office – one year we all (patients included) wrote our goals on labels that we hung on a banner around the room. Several years, we had everyone put there labels on the Christmas tree in exchange for the Gift Bag that they took off of the tree, but this year I wanted to do something more granular. I, PERSONALLY, did not want to write down a more global goal, although I have several, I wanted to document something that was more helpful on a Day to Day Focus/RemindMeOfMyDirection basis. So in our office we each chose a Word of the Year, some people were brave enough to share publicly on our Word of the Year board in the office, while others were more comfortable having the conversation at the Adjusting Table and I documented it in their notes for us to use as a North Star during our work together in the office. As I coached them to pick a word, I wanted to free them to listen to that internal voice – we call it Innate Intelligence in Chiropractic. You may call it ‘the little voice in my head”, “God”, intuition, 6th sense… call it what you like, but it is YOUR INTELLIGENCE guiding you. Did you allow your intuition to assist you in charting a course for this year? Are you worried that choosing a word may “fence you in” rather than free you? Or are you worried that you will pick the wrong word?? You can’t. It will free you to continue to work in YOUR direction and it will serve as your North Star. I found this site while looking at other resources and I liked how it was laid out as well as the powerful words they chose to give you options – or to leapfrog you into finding your own word. You know you use your “directionals” in your car to let OTHERS know what you are trying to do, a Word of the Year is a “directional” that reminds YOU what you are trying to do 🙂 Feel Free to post YOUR WORD OF THE YEAR and until we meet again, Be Well Adjusted!!!