Month: July 2018

#FitFriday #FunnyFriday

                      For those of us “endowed women” who need to be “cinched in”, sometimes even putting it ON should be resistance training 🙂  If you are looking for a better sports bra for your “girls”, check out our blog post @      


kakorrhaphiophobia n. – fear of failure noun  kak·or·rhaph·io·pho·bia  \ ˌkak-ə-ˌraf-ē-ə-ˈfō-bē-ə \ I wonder how many things KAKORRHAPHIOPHOBIA holds us back from…? Now, to be honest, states that this is an ABNORMAL fear of failure.  But that is what really holds us back, right?  There are times when it is appropriate to be fearful: hearing skidding sounds behind you, or …


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